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Happy Beginnings

Each year, thousands of cats and dogs are successful in finding homes with families, just like yours! A fair number of those who have adopted from us have sent in testimonials of the great times they've had with the animals we've helped them find. You'll find some of their stories below.

If you've adopted from CCAS and have a story and a few pictures that you'd like to share, please email us at We'd love to hear from you and your fantastic stories may influence another's decision to adopt as well.

Codah :: November 8, 2016

In 2012, at the young age of 18, a man signed up as an Infantryman with the U.S. Army and was quickly sent off to fight the war against Terrorism. After several tours in Iraq he has only spoken once about the time that changed his life forever. One day on patrol his convoy was suddenly struck by several IED’s.

This young man struggled ferociously in dust and fire to pull his brothers one by one, extremely wounded and screaming for their lives to try to get them to safety. He lost so much that day, lost friends, soldiers and brothers.

When he came home, he was a changed man. Paranoid, afraid, lost and broken were his new emotions. He was in need of a companion and already on the search for a service dog. He was recommended to adopt a dog from Camden County Animal Shelter. With the help of shelter staff, he was shown Codah, a large Coon Hound/Labrador Mix, a beauty that was overlooked because of her size and extreme activeness. He took her in the Play-yard at the shelter and played Frisbee for almost an hour. She jumped up any chance she could get to lick his face! They immediately bonded.

He ended up adopting her through the Pets for Vets Program, which is a program the shelter offers to veterans to waive adoption fees for these heroic men and woman. Veterans have served our country in high-risk, life-threatening jobs to keep Americans safe! Codah and new companion have become best friends. They go for long walks and runs. He takes her into a swimming pool while holding her so she feels safe. She will lick your face for hours if you let her. She is obedient, loyal, loving and does great with kids, cats and other dogs.

Norman :: June 9, 2014

Frankie Lee, Judas Priest, and Stanley Frederick :: May 2, 2011

Over 2 years ago I lost my baby girl, Holly, who was 16 years old. She was the most loving cat and completely turned my fiancee into a cat lover. We were broken hearted after her passing. We knew when it was time and we were ready that we would make a trip to the shelter to bring a new cat into our lives. My fiancé was looking on petfinder and saw an all white cat named Falcor, who was FIV+. The next day were were at the shelter to see Falcor. He was in a cage with Snarf and Bob. Well, after meeting all 3 of the boys we decided we couldn't just bring one home... so we adopted all three of the boys and it was the best decision we have made together!!!

The first picture I have attached is Falcor, who is now named Frankie Lee. He loves to give eskimo kisses and lays on my belly whenever I am in bed reading. That's his way of making me put down the book and give him the attention he wants! It took him almost a year to start warming up but he is such a lovey cat! He still hasn't warmed up to his brothers but we are taking that slowly. He loves to sleep on the couch and nudges anyone who sits next to him to give him attention.

The second picture is Bob, who is now Judas Priest. He is our talker and the goofball. He is like a little puppy dog with my fiancee... he follows him around and sits at the door when he leaves. He talks your ear off when you are in the kitchen because he thinks he is going to get canned food :)! We were given a tunnel for the cats and he loves to sleep in there. That is when he isn't sleeping in bed with us. His newest thing is meowing in your face when you are sleeping because he is lonely and wants attention.

The third is our youngest, who was named Snarf at the shelter. His name is now Stanley Frederick. We didn't know it when we adopted him, but he was only around a year old and still had a lot of growing to do. He is close to 20 pounds now but thinks he's still a little kitten :)! He is actually sleeping in one of his favorite places as I type... squished behind me in a tiny space in the chair at the computer. Stanny loves to cuddle. He jumps up in bed, plops down on the body pillow and snuggles next to me.

Like I said, adopting these 3 boys was the best decision we have made. I hope others will give FIV+ cats a chance. They have been healthy since the day we adopted them...absolutely no health issues. And they are (almost) as happy to be with us as we are to have them :)!!!!

~ Kasey, Bill, Frankie Lee, Judas Priest, Stanley Frederick

Sonny :: April 3, 2011

We adopted Geronimo (now named "Sonny" after a character in the movie Bronx Tale) in December 2010. We have been having a wonderful time with our new addition to the family! Sonny loves to play outside & really loves to snuggle on the couch with us under a warm blanket. He continues to perform his tricks effortlessly each time for a snack or toy! We even taught him a few more tricks!! When told to stand up & walk, Sonny will stand up on his hind legs and take a few hops towards us (he looks like a bunny or cute!) & he can even balance a treat on his nose & then will throw it up in the air & grab it when told go! He is such a joy to have in our home :) Family & friends who stop over can not wait to see him! They usually greet Sonny before us lol!!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful dog! We love him so much & we're pretty sure by his kisses, snuggling, and constantly wagging tail that he loves us too :)

~Kelly & Jay

Brandi and Sammi :: March 30, 2011

Originally Cammi and Furby, these two little girls came from 2 different litters. They were at the Blackwood shelter and when i saw them, i knew i had to bring them in to foster. Sole survivors of their litters, they came into the shelter around 7 weeks old. Both sick with injuries, were fostered together and grew very close. They got strong, healthy and after 3 months of fostering they got a home together. The foster mom had a friend who came for "play dates" each week to get to know the girls..and we still have play dates each month. These girls are now Brandi and Sammi..still best friends - and they call the shots at their new forever home! They are both totally healthy now and living a very spoiled and happy life!

Gizmo :: February 7, 2011


My name is Melissa Gourley and we adopted Lupino a small breed mix from your shelter on January 5th, 2011. We just wanted to take the time and say how wonderful it is to have him in our family. We named him Gizmo and he is VERY affectionate and loving. We have 3 kids (8, 5, and 4) and they just love him!! My oldest daughter tells me all the time how happy the house is with a dog in it again!! We lost our 8 year old lab Max which was a huge loss for our family. We had a Lab Rottie mix that, to our diassapointment, after expensive training we had to rehome for aggression. So Gizmo is just what are family needed and he needed us!! It is very important to us to save our pets from the shelters we also have a Gizmo's sister Oreo (a kitty) from Gloucester County Shelter. It gives them a chance at a wonderful life and it brings so much to our family. I know we will always support the efforts your staff provides to give these misguided animals a loving home. So THANK YOU for pairing us with our newest family member!!!!!

Melissa Gourley and Family

Abner :: January 26, 2011

First I would like to thank you for all of your help in picking out Abner. I highly respect the work that you do and thank you for all of the time and compassion you show to those animals.

Abner is doing so well. I got him set up at the Veterinarian Banfield at petsmart. He is very healthy and finally gained enough weight to be at his ideal size. He is so funny in the store. The first time I took him with my mom to go shopping he was terrified and we put him in the large part of the shopping cart for the entire trip! Everyone came up to us telling us how cute and sweet he was. It was funny because he was the only dog being pushed around in the cart. He loved it! He also loves car rides. Every time we go for a walk he actually tries to pull me up to the car and sits down right in front of it. At first I was having some issues with his walking because he likes to pull, but once I showed him he was not "in charge" we got over that quite quickly.

He has been such a great addition to our family. He sleeps in bed with me and everyone comes in my room in the morning to pet him and say hello. We could not be happier with our choice!

Phoenix :: November 21, 2010

Hi Valarie!

I know I've only had Arizona for two days but I wanted to let you know how it's been so far. First though, I'm thinking of calling her Phoenix. I've always liked the myth of the phoenix rising from the ashes and starting a new life (so much so that I have a phoenix tattooed on my ribs) and I think it fits her, especially since you guys named her Arizona. She isn't really answering to anything yet though, I know that takes time.

Anyway, she is such a sweetheart! The first day was a little rough, she marked her territory all over my house as soon as she got here but I think she has that under control now. She had one accident today but for the most part she's been going outside, so that's good. But she is just so sweet. She loves to just cuddle up and lay in my lap and hang out! She follows me everywhere. She likes to lay in front of my big sliding doors in the sun. We've gone on some nice long walks and run into all kinds of dogs on our way and she's been so well behaved with them. She's also been great with the people we see on our walks...everyone has come over to pet her and they all say how sweet she is.

She is mostly interested in walking all over the place and just smelling everything!

She is a little afraid of the stairs leading into my house. I've been able to coax her up using treats but it takes like 10 minutes to get her up there! So hopefully with practice she realizes she doesn't need to be afraid of them.

Right now she's just laying all snuggled up on a blanket at my feet. She looks so cute! I'm attaching a couple pictures, and I'll send more soon!


Nebula and Dash :: August 6, 2010

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since I've given you and update, but for those of you who weren't aware, Sunny D had severe kidney failure and we had to have her put to sleep. It was very difficult for me and even now I'm holding back tears. It's been 2 months since then and I still miss her dearly even though we only had her a short time. She was a truly wonderful kitty and I'm happy she was able to be with us before she died. It's hard to believe how much I loved her so quickly! I want to thank Sarah, Ashley, and Rose for all their help during that difficult time. (Please forgive me if I messed up the names, I was hoping I'd remember them correctly.) Everyone was very supportive and caring as I dealt with such a difficult decision. I will never forget that!

Nebula (Skittles as we call her) has been doing great. She has really mellowed out in the last couple of months, becoming more of a lazy summer cat than the playful kitten-like cat that she was when we first adopted her. She has grown quite a bit, too! She is very lovable and is a talker, meowing all over when she wants attention. Right now she is making the cute little purry sounds at me! She still loves to be held like a baby and the kids still like to hold her, which still amazes me how much she seems to like it!

Shortly after we lost Sunny D we adopted a new kitty. We wanted to rescue another from your shelter, but had a friend who had rescued a litter of feral kittens, had them fixed, wormed, and vaccinated, and tamed them. She found them right after we had adopted Nebula and Sunny D and had been hoping we'd take one, but we said we had already gotten our kitties and couldn't take one. She still had three left when Sunny D died and we decided if we didn't take one, they'd end up in a shelter anyway - my friend is allergic to cats and couldn't keep any. So we brought home a 10 week old gray kitten with white feet and a white line on his face. We call him Dash. He and Nebula hit it off right away. It really seemed as though they had been waiting for each other! No hissing or poofing up or anything, just purrs and rubbing on each other and playing right from the start. And the cutest thing is that Dash thinks Nebula is his new mommy and "nurses" on her all the time. She loves it and groooms him as though he were her own kitten. They look a lot alike, too, so if you didn't know differently, you would think they were related. So as much as we miss Sunny D, we are still happy to have two wonderful kitties and they are happy to have each other.

I will continue to send updates from time to time on Nebula. When we lost Sunny D we thought we'd be back to adopt again, but now that we have Dash, that probably won't happen for a long time. We have been spreading the word about your shelter, though, and can tell how much you all care for the animals and your job with them. Keep up the great work and maybe one day soon I can volunteer with you. The first three pictures of of Nebula with Dash and the last is in loving memory of our sweet Sunny D.

Joy Bonsted