Your generosity ensures that Camden County Animal Shelter is able to continue to save the lives of thousands of animals every year.

You Can Help!

Volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our animals and provide love, attention, and comfort to our furry companions as they wait at the shelter for their future families to find and adopt them.

You can provide this crucial support to the dogs and cats in our shelter in a variety of ways when you volunteer with Camden County Animal Shelter. Volunteers range from 13 years old (with parental supervision) to well past the age of retirement and help the animals both inside and outside of the shelter.

You can help in a hands-on way, such as walking dogs, cuddling cats, bringing animals to events, transporting animals to rescue groups, cleaning cages and helping customers find their purr-fect matches at the shelter and in our PetSmart Adoption Centers, or by taking pictures that are posted on our website so more people can see their adorable faces!

Or, if you prefer (or maybe if you're allergic) you can help with fundraising, data entry, answering phones, grant writing, professional services, internet posting and updating, coordinating events and programs, graphic design, marketing and advertising, writing the bios about the animal to be posted with their pictures, or transporting supplies, food, or other donations.

Ways You Can Help

There is a multitude of ways you can help CCAS, be it volunteering, donating, or something as simple as spreading word of our mission to others in the community. Below are a few ideas on how you can help. If none of these appeal to you, yet you still would like to volunteer your time, please sign up for our Volunteer Information Meeting.

Donate Money/Items

There are two primary ways you can donate. By either making a one-time donation or setting up a recurring donation, your money helps the shelter fund its medical expenses, replace worn out equipment, and proivde for the needs of our canine and feline friends. You can donate online, in person, or by mail. By donating items, such as those listed on our donation page, you can save the shelter the expense of purchasing the items themsleves, which allows those funds to be spent elsewhere, such as medicine or surgery for our pets.

Foster a Pet

We are looking for responsible, animal loving people who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to special needs orphans at our shelter. Animals that need to be in foster care may include, but are not limited to, sick animals, moms with litters, orphan that need to be bottle-fed, animals recovering from surgery, and/or animals that require further socialization.

PetSmart Adoption Centers

We currently have cats for adoption at four local PetSmarts. Volunteers are always needed for morning, evening, and weekend shifts.

Dog Walkers/Animal Socializers

We are seeking responsible volunteers, ages 18+, to assist with walking/exercising dogs and general animal socialization. Volunteers must be able to maintain control of the dog on all aspects of walk, from retrieval & return to kennel duties, as well as appropriate handling in outdoor play-area. Interested volunteers should have experience interacting with dogs and attend volunteer orientations, including animal handling.


We desperately need volunteers who are willing to help formulate and participate in Special Events to help raise money for the shelter. If interested in joining our Fundraising Team, or if you work at a place (i.e. a bowling alley, restaurant, etc) that would be willing to let us host an event there, please e-mail us at


A great amount of potential adopters come into the shelter after viewing animals on our website. In order for us to post animals on the website, we need volunteers who are willing to partake in some animal photography and writing accurate and bios about each animal. These images and bios will then be relayed to the CCAS webmaster for potential usage on the website.

Kennel/Cage Cleaners

We are always in need of dedicated volunteers who are willing to come into the shelter to help our staff clean the dog kennels and cat cages in the mornings. If you are not interested in cleaning cages, then we also need volunteers to help do laundry and dishes. This may not be the most fun volunteer job, but doing cleaning is one of the best ways that a volunteer can help our orphans, as it helps prevent the spread of germs, ensuring the safety of not only our animals, but our fellow volunteers and staff members as well.


Matchmakers are in charge of helping customers find the right pet for their home. This job involves knowing the animals' personalities, as well as having good communication skills. Training will be done to ensure that matchmakers know the proper procedures when handling customers.